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1. Expert selection at your fingertips

Imagine having your own personal cheesemonger. AppyHour's culinary experts meticulously handpick every item, guaranteeing you gourmet quality with each delivery. No need to leave home; the finest cheese selections are now just a click away.

2. Exotic varieties, no passport required

Embark on a global tasting tour without leaving your kitchen. AppyHour sources exceptional meats and cheeses from artisans around the world, offering a passport to explore rare and sought-after varieties each month. It's an invitation to expand your palate with flavors that are both unique and meticulously chosen for their quality and uniqueness.

3. Freshness you can taste

Say goodbye to stale supermarket choices. AppyHour promises peak freshness with cheeses and charcuterie prepared fresh for each shipment. You’ll be able to notice the difference from the moment your box arrives with cheeses hand wrapped in premium cheese paper instead of shrink wrapped plastic.

4. Pairings perfected for you

Discover the art of pairing without any guesswork. Each AppyHour box is accompanied by a tasting guide providing you with expert recommendations for flavor and drink pairings that enhance and complement the featured cheeses and charcuteries. Every element of your box is chosen to create a harmonious tasting experience.

5. Gourmet evenings made simple

Transform any evening into a gourmet experience in just minutes. Whether hosting an impromptu gathering or enjoying a special date night, AppyHour combines luxury with convenience, offering a sophisticated spread that’s as easy to assemble as it is impressive.


Definitely made it a happier hour!

"I’ve obviously had charcuterie before but not one that told me what pairs with what. It was really fun trying it in an informed manner—and it really did make a difference. I’ll be bringing the next one to my next girls night, for sure!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Before each billing date, we'll send you an email or text with details of your next curated box.

If the upcoming curation doesn't suit your taste, you can easily skip it from your online member portal or be emailing us.

Part of the AppyHour experience is discovering new flavors, so we encourage an open mind! All items selected are well paired and designed to be eaten together.

These aren't your run-of-the-mill grocery store finds.

Pre-packaged cheeses at your grocery store typically focus on mass appeal, offering a more limited selection with less robust flavors.

We source unique hard to find cheeses from small-scale artisan producers from around the world and freshly slice it right before packing your order.

Mass-produced meat at the grocery stores typically use industrial processes that prioritize efficiency over depth of flavor and texture.

Our artisanal charcuterie relies on more traditional, time-consuming methods that allow flavors to develop naturally. You can taste the quality craftsmanship in every bite.

We'll always let you know what's coming in the next curated experience prior to your processing date, so you can choose to indulge or skip.

We love to be a part of creating joyous memories at special occasions and gatherings!

You can reschedule any of your boxes directly from your online member portal to align with upcoming occasions.

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