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1. Curated by Cheesemongers

Gifting AppyHour is like offering a personal cheesemonger to your loved ones. Our selection process is led by culinary experts who ensure each delivery is filled with the highest quality artisan cheeses and charcuteries. This expertise ensures your gift recipient enjoys a luxury experience that's been thoughtfully curated for their enjoyment.

2. Unique Culinary Adventures

Each AppyHour box is a journey through global flavors and themes, complete with a tasting guide and expert pairing recommendations. From exploring regional specialties to seasonal favorites, AppyHour turns every unboxing into an exciting culinary adventure. It’s an immersive experience that’s far more memorable and enjoyable than any bouquet of roses.

3. Unmatched Freshness

AppyHour promises peak freshness. Each box is prepared to showcase the natural, vibrant flavors of the cheeses and meats, offering a taste experience that supermarket options simply can’t match. Your recipient will be able to notice the difference from the moment their box arrives with cheeses hand wrapped in premium cheese paper instead of shrink wrapped plastic.

4. Shared Moments of Indulgence

What better way to celebrate special occasions than with a gift that brings people together? An AppyHour box is perfect for sharing, making it a thoughtful gift for hosting gatherings, family nights, or romantic evenings. It’s an invitation to create shared moments of indulgence and make any ordinary day feel like a celebration.

5. Ongoing Delight with Every Delivery

Unlike traditional gifts that are enjoyed once and then forgotten, an AppyHour gift subscription keeps the excitement alive with a new delivery of gourmet selections each month. It's a constant reminder of your generosity and thoughtfulness, offering ongoing delight and anticipation for what’s next.


What a nice gift to send

"This box was amazing. You guys have thought of everything. How to pair everything together. How to pair with wines. Would be so nice to bring to a friend and have an instant party."

-Denise M.

Frequently Asked Questions

These aren't your run-of-the-mill grocery store finds.

Pre-packaged cheeses at your grocery store typically focus on mass appeal, offering a more limited selection with less robust flavors.

We source unique hard to find cheeses from small-scale artisan producers from around the world, slice it and wrap it in cheese paper for the best & freshest flavor.

Mass-produced meat at the grocery stores typically use industrial processes that prioritize efficiency over depth of flavor and texture.

Our artisanal charcuterie relies on more traditional, time-consuming methods that allow flavors to develop naturally. You can taste the quality craftsmanship in every bite.

The gift box that gets delivered depends on the monthly theme that we are working on. In March, it is a Taste of Ireland featuring two unique Irish Cheeses. Click get started and choose your type of gift to learn the details of what we are serving today!

Yes! You can select which date you'd like the recipient to be able to enjoy their tasting adventure and we'll ensure it arrives with 4 days prior to the date you select. We don't guarantee an exact delivery date.

Yes, we offer the ability to add a digital note that will be emailed or texted to your recipient either upon purchase or delivery. You choose!

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