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All-American Picnic Tasting Guide

Celebrating American craftsmanship, this curated assortment features all-American delights that capture the essence of Summer. From aromatic coffee to flavors of blueberries and strawberries, this spread is perfect for a beautiful summer picnic.

A Message From Our Curators:

We work with small-scale artisans to bring you premium tasting experiences. Due to limited production from these artisans, our curators create several variations of each spread and items in each box may vary.

Our tasting guide includes all the items handpicked by our curators, though not every item will be found in your box. Since premium meats and cheeses take months to age, we can't always restock select ingredients to meet demand, meaning this guide may also grow and change over time.

This approach ensures you enjoy the finest, hand-selected artisanal products. There are endless possibilities for creating exceptional flavor pairings, so rest assured whichever variation you receive will be as thoughtful and delicious as the next!

Artisan Cheese

Savor these handpicked artisanal cheeses, each bursting with big, vibrant flavors that showcase true American craftsmanship.

Each box medium box includes 2 cheeses and a free brie. Larges include 3 cheeses and a free brie.

Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy Coffee, from Goat Rodeo Farm & Dairy near Pittsburgh, is an award-winning cheese made from a blend of goat’s and cow’s milk. Hand-rubbed with Perpetual Blend Espresso and aged for six months, it offers a creamy, rich, and nutty flavor profile. Recently awarded a 1st Place win at the 2024 Pennsylvania Farm Show, this exceptional cheese is a true testament to American craftsmanship in cheesemaking.

Fresh Farmer’s Blueberry Cheese

This handmade farmstead delight from Massachusetts combines creamy cow’s milk with peak-season dried blueberries. This fruity and semi-sweet cheese is irresistibly delicious. Crumbly when cold and spreadable at room temperature, it’s a perfect, delectable addition to a vibrant summer spread.


These premium American-made meats bring a burst of savory flavor, balancing spice with a touch of smoky tenderness.

Each box medium box includes 2 meats. Larges include 3 meats.

Beef Saucisson Sec

Discover a savory delight from New York—a 100% beef saucisson sec crafted with traditional French methods. Slow fermentation, light smoking, and careful curing bring out its rich, natural beef flavors.

Salami Capri

This premium American charcuterie from Oregon is crafted using traditional methods by a dedicated family-run business. This Italian-style salami features robust flavors of garlic, black pepper, fennel, and a spicy kick from red wine, chili flake, and cayenne. Perfect for spice lovers seeking artisanal excellence in every bite.


Put the red in red, white and blue with these fruity accompaniments selected to both accentuate and balance the savory meats and flavorful cheeses in this month's box. 

Each box includes one of 2 spreads and 2 accompaniments.

Strawberry Garden Spread

Fresh from the rolling hills of rural Bridgewater, Connecticut, this artisan-crafted spread captures the essence of Summer with garden-fresh strawberries and a touch of balsamic vinegar. Perfect for summer, its fruity essence beautifully complements the flavors in this collection.

Dried Angelino Plums

Enhance your tasting with these sweet and tart dried plums. Their vibrant red hue and chewy texture make them a delightful addition to any gourmet spread, perfectly complementing meats and cheeses. Made in the USA.

Praline Pecans

Crunchy and crispy, each pecan is candied with real sugar and butter, crafting a heavenly morsel that's irresistibly nutty and sweet. Its delightful texture and rich, sugary coating perfectly complement the creamy cheeses and savory meats in your spread. Made in the USA.

Flavor Pairings

Cowboy Coffee

The sweetness and crunch of Praline Pecans highlight the creamy, rich, and nutty flavors of Cowboy Coffee cheese, creating a delightful contrast.

Feeling adventurous? Stack on the Salami Capri and allow the spicy notes to create a rich and complex flavor experience.

The tartness and chewy texture of Dried Angelino Plums enhance the smooth, espresso-rubbed notes of Cowboy Coffee cheese.

The fresh, fruity essence of the Strawberry Garden Spread pairs well with the creamy, nutty flavors of Cowboy Coffee cheese, adding a vibrant summer touch.

Fresh Farmer’s Blueberry

The nutty sweetness of Praline Pecans enhances the fruity, creamy aspects of the Blueberry Cheese, offering a delightful blend of textures and flavors.

 The tart sweetness of Dried Angelino Plums complements the semi-sweet, fruity profile of the Blueberry Cheese, making for a balanced and refreshing pairing.

The combination of blueberry and strawberry flavors creates a burst of summer fruitiness that pairs beautifully with the creamy texture of the Blueberry Cheese.

Combine this with the Praline Pecans and this trio will create a harmonious blend of sweet, nutty, and fruity flavors, perfect for a summer picnic.

Brie Mon Pere

The garden-fresh strawberries and touch of balsamic vinegar are a sweet and fruity complement to the creamy, buttery texture of the Brie.

The robust flavors of the spiced Salami Capri perfectly offset the rich creaminess of the Brie for a well-rounded bite.

The sweet and tart profile of Dried Angelino Plums enhances the Brie’s buttery richness and creates a harmonious balance of flavors.

Beef Saucisson Sec

The rich, savory flavors of the Beef Saucisson Sec pair beautifully with the creamy, nutty, and espresso-rubbed notes of Cowboy Coffee cheese.

The tart and sweet profile of Dried Angelino Plums balances the rich, natural beef flavors of the Saucisson Sec, adding a refreshing contrast.

Combine this with the Cowboy Coffee for a combination of savory beef, creamy nutty cheese, and tart plums to creates a well-rounded bite.

The sweet, crunchy Praline Pecans provide a delightful counterpoint to the savory richness of the Beef Saucisson Sec.

Salami Capri

The robust, spicy flavors of Salami Capri pair well with the fruity sweetness of Blueberry Cheese, creating a balanced and flavorful bite.

The nutty, sweet Praline Pecans complement the spicy, garlicky notes of the Salami Capri, adding a delightful contrast.

Combine this with the Fresh Farmer's Blueberry cheese for a delightful mix of spicy, fruity, and nutty flavors in a single delicious bite.

The tart sweetness of Dried Angelino Plums balances the bold, spicy flavors of Salami Capri, making for a refreshing pairing.

Drink Pairings

While drink pairings are ultimately a matter of personal preference, we invite you to consider our recommended pairings as a starting point for your tasting experience. Cheers!


Notes of blackberry, plum, and hints of pepper makes it an excellent pairing with the nutty Coffee Cowboy cheese and robust Salami Capri.

Pinot Noir

Notes of berries, earthy undertones, and subtle acidity make this ideal to balance the rich cheeses and the savory Beef Saucisson Sec.


A Riesling with it's bright acidity, fruity notes and minerality pairs beautifully, enhancing the sweet profiles of the Blueberry Farmer’s Cheese.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc with notes of tropical fruit, citrus, and fresh herbs cuts through the richness of the Coffee Cowboy cheese.

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