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France in Bloom Tasting Guide

Handpicked by our curators, this exquisite selection promises a sensory journey through the picturesque landscapes of France, celebrating a delightful fusion of French sophistication and blooming florals.

Getting started:

We work with small scale artisan producers to provide our members with an authentic tasting experience. Curated items may vary in each box.

We've included a complete list here. Match the name of your curated items to the featured items below to discover what makes it unique and explore recommended pairings.

Artisan Cheese

Indulge in the sumptuous flavors of France with two distinctive artisanal springtime cheeses.

Each box medium box includes 2 cheeses and a free brie. Larges include 3 cheeses and a free brie.

Tomme Aux Fleur / Alp Blossom

Spring means flowers, and this exceptional cow’s milk cheese from the Alps is a true taste of the new season. With a slightly tangy flavor and herbaceous, floral notes from the dried flowers that coat it, this semi-soft cheese is a delicate and nuanced flavor experience.

Ossau Iraty

Hailing from the French Pyrenees, this renowned sheep's milk cheese is aged for a minimum of 90 days, imbuing an intense, buttery flavor to the finished cheese. With notes of caramel and fruit, the taste of this rich cheese is unparalleled.


These meats have been carefully selected to add the perfect savory bite to this floral ensemble.

Each box medium box includes 2 meats. Larges include 3 meats.

Saucisson Sec

This irresistible staple of French charcuterie tradition is made with hand-chopped pork, and is brightly flavored with juniper and brandy. Artisan salumieres air cure this delectable, savory cut, which translates to “dry sausage.” Beloved for its’ flavor and versatility, enjoy this Saucisson Sec with the floral Tomme Aux Fleur for a true taste of France in spring!


Coppa is a masterpiece of flavor, rivaling Prosciutto in its rich taste. This dry-cured pork shoulder, bathed in a salt brine and expertly rubbed with red and black pepper, showcases artisanal craftsmanship.


These bright and flavorful accompaniments will enhance your tasting experience and welcome you to the new season.

Each box includes a spread and 2 accompaniments.

Fruit Creamed Honey (Flavors Vary)

Infused with fresh fruit flavors, this whipped honey is an exceptional compliment to this month’s curation. Sweet and spreadable, this unique spread can be enjoyed both savory and sweet. Try a dollop on a slice of Tomme Aux Fleur, or with the Saucisson Sec. The combination of bright and fruity floral flavors balances the richness of the cheeses and charcuterie selected for this month’s curation.

Smoky Almonds

Slowly sunbaked at the California ranch where they are grown, these almonds have a hint of hickory smoke and a natural buttery sweetness. They're a great complement to this month's cheeses.

Dried Apricots

These golden, chewy treats provide a beautiful compliment to the cheeses in this month's curation. Naturally sweet and slowly dried, these Turkish apricots are a soft and sweet juxtaposition to the unique flavors of this month's curation.

Flavor Pairings

Ossau Iraty

This beautiful sheep’s milk cheese from the Basque region is amplified by the bright fruitiness of the fruit creamed honey. The richness of the cheese is complemented by the smooth, floral, creamy texture of the honey spread.

The sweetness of the apricots enhances the creamy texture of the Double Dutch cheese. Try a bite of the sun-dried fruits with the Double Dutch cheese to experience a blend of buttery and sweet flavors.

The nuttiness of the almonds pairs wonderfully with the buttery richness of the Ossau Iraty cheese. Together, they create a balanced combination of flavors and textures.

Tomme Aux Fleur / Alp Blossom

Enjoy this semi-hard cheese with a bite of Saucisson Sec for a delightful textural contrast. The floral notes of Tomme Aux Fleur are accentuated by the spicy, rich flavor of this French sausage.

The smoky flavor of the almonds complements the savory and robust taste of the Saucisson Sec. The crunchy texture of the almonds provides a satisfying contrast to the smoothness of the sausage, enhancing the overall eating experience.

Feeling adventurous? Pair this combo with the Saucisson Sec for an exceptional bite.

Fruit and floral flavors blend beautifully when the Tomme Aux Fleur cheese is paired with the dried apricots. The natural sweetness of the sun-baked apricots balances the fruity, nutty notes of this distinct cheese.

Brie Mon Pere

The creamy texture and mild flavor of Brie cheese serve as an excellent counterpoint to the bold taste of Coppa.

Together, they create a classic combination that appeals to both novice and seasoned cheese enthusiasts

Try a bite of Brie Mon Pere spread with the creamed fruit honey for a harmonious balance of flavor and texture. The sweetness of this creamy whipped honey spread amplifies the Brie without overwhelming it.


The delicate herbaceous and floral undertones of Tomme Aux Fleur cheese provide a perfect backdrop for the rich taste of Coppa.

Their pairing offers a delightful contrast of flavors and textures, making it a standout choice for a spring cheese platter.

The intense, buttery flavor of Ossau Iraty cheese pairs beautifully with the savory richness of Coppa.

Their combination creates a luxurious taste experience that lingers on the palate.

Coppa and smoky almonds create a dynamic duo of savory indulgence. The rich, peppery flavors of Coppa harmonize with the smoky, nutty notes of the almonds, creating a tantalizing blend of textures and tastes.

Saucisson Sec

Classic French flavors combine when enjoying Saucisson Sec and dried apricots. The sweet, savory flavors combine in harmony, with a flavor reminiscent of the French countryside in springtime.

The savory richness of the Saucisson Sec provides a beautiful contrast to the floral, slight nuttiness of the Tomme Aux Fleur cheese. The spices in this air-cured French sausage marry beautifully with the slightly herbaceous, fresh notes of this unique cheese.

Drink Pairings

While drink pairings are ultimately a matter of personal preference, we invite you to consider our recommended pairings as a starting point for your tasting experience. Cheers!


A full bodied Malbec is the perfect companion to the Tomme Aux Fleur. Its fruity notes complement the cheese's unique floral flavors, while the wine's acidity and tannins skillfully cut through it's richness.

Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine's ample body gracefully complements the Ossau Iraty's creamy texture without overshadowing its nuanced flavors.


Consider a dry, crisp Rosé to pair with the floral essence of the Tomme Aux Fleur. The hint of minerality from this bright wine enhances the flavor of the cheese without being overpowering.


The aromatic profile of stone fruits, like peach and apricot make for a lovely contrast to the slightly sweet flavors of Ossau Iraty. Viogner offers enough acidity to compliment the cheese.

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