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Spring Soirée Tasting Guide

Spring is here and with it comes a craving for bright, citrusy flavors that bring a taste of sunshine after a long winter. Our curators have hand-selected a beautiful spread that captures the essence of the season and is the perfect centerpiece to any springtime gathering!

Getting started:

We work with small scale artisan producers to provide our members with an authentic tasting experience. Curated items may vary in each box.

We've included a complete list here. Match the name of your curated items to the featured items below to discover what makes it unique and explore recommended pairings.

Artisan Cheese

Celebrate springtime with these exceptional cheeses, each with their own distinctive artisanal flare.

Each box includes 2 of these 3 cheeses.

Tomme Brulée

Sheep’s milk’s abundance combined with newly lush pastures make Springtime the ideal season for crafting sweet and buttery Sheep’s milk cheeses.

Our curators selected this stunning Sheep’s milk cheese from the western Basque region. Hailing from the foothills of Mount Baigura, Tomme Brulee is crafted only from local milk.

The smooth, delicate smokiness of the Tomme Brulée comes from the cheesemonger hand-burning the surface similar to that of a creme brulée. "Brûlé" literally means burnt in French! This cheese has a smooth paste and notes of grass and brown butter.


Named for the Morbier region of France, this nutty, creamy cow’s milk cheese is as visually striking as it is delicious. The line in the center of this semi-soft cheese traditionally came from Old-World cheesemongers separating curds from each day’s milking with vegetable ash. The layer of ash was added to protect the curds, then the next day’s curds were poured on top, giving the finished wheel of cheese its’ signature gray ashline.

Morbier has notes of fruitiness, which make this complex, zingy cheese an excellent accompaniment to this month’s curations.

Double Dutch

Hailing from the Netherlands, this unique cheese combines cow and goat’s milk into a creamy melangé of bright flavors. The Gouda-style goat’s milk cheese brings floral notes and fruitiness, which serves as a unique contrast to the buttery, caramel undertones of the cow’s milk layer. Separated by a layer of grape leaf ash, this visually stunning and delicious cheese is sure to be the star of your charcuterie board.


These meats have been carefully selected to add the perfect zing to this fresh and fruity ensemble.

Each box includes 2 of these 3 meats.

Salami Etna

Brightly flavored with lemon zest and roasted pistachios, this salame truly captures the essence of springtime. This unique and beautiful salami is made from free range American Northwest pork in small batches by artisan salumieres. The bright, zingy flavor of the lemon contrasts the rich fattiness of the pork, while the roasted pistachios bring an earthy, nutty flavor.


Robust and bold, this classic cut of charcuterie was chosen for its versatility and well-rounded flavor. The all-pork salame is made using traditional Artisan salumi techniques, combining coarsely chopped peppercorns and red wine, giving it a zingy, slightly spicy flavor. The Sopressata is delicious whether paired with sweet or savory, and plays well with the unique items in this month’s curation. 


This artisan salami’s history dates back to the Renaissance, when fennel was a popular substitute for expensive pepper. Hand chopped pork from Tuscany is aged for up to five months and infused with red wine and spices. The wild fennel brings a bright anise flavor to the salami, which provides a lovely contrast to the smokiness of the Tomme Brulee.


These bright and flavorful accompaniments will enhance your tasting experience and welcome you to the new season.

Each box includes 3 of these 4 accompaniments.

Caramelized Onion and Fig Spread

This handcrafted jam from Rhode Island is created in small batches using a family heirloom recipe that combines fruity figs with slowly caramelized onions for a sweet and savory combination. Richly flavored with tangy balsamic vinegar and orange, this spread was specifically chosen for this month's curation to lend its savory, jammy notes to your cheeses and charcuterie.

Italian Candied Orange Peel

Crafted from Sicilian oranges, these soft, sweet bites add a burst of bright, zesty flavor to compliment your cheeses. These are made the old-fashioned way—Cooked in syrup in small batches and cured for four weeks. The smell of orange blossom oil brings the freshness of Spring to your tasting experience. 

Dried Nectarines

With a pronounced, sweet flavor and a striking red-orange hue, these nectarines have a sunbaked flavor from slowly drying in the California sun. Enjoy these chewy dried fruits on their own, or paired with the nutty Salami Etna. 

Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries

Cheese and chocolate were made to be enjoyed together. These cherries are sourced from the West Coast and enrobed in many layers of premium milk chocolate by artisan chocolatiers. The sweet, tart flavor provides a delightful and surprising contrast to this month’s cheeses.

Flavor Pairings


Elevate the Morbier by enjoying it with a slice of Salami Etna. The zing of the lemon zest-infused salami will heighten the fruity undertones of this stellar cheese. 

Pair Morbier with a Candied Orange Peel to enhance the nuttiness of the cheese. The texture of the Candied Orange Peel is a nice contrast to the supple springiness of the Morbier. 

Tomme Brulée

The sweet, tart flavor of the cherry compliments the complex smokiness of the cheese. 

Spread atop a slice of Tomme Brulée to experience the notes of brown butter in contrast to the jammy sweetness of the spread.

Brie Mon Père

The warm blend of spices in the salami enhance the Brie’s undertones of mushroom. This flavor combination tastes of spicy, creamy, and umami. 

This sweet, savory bite atop a crisp cracker provides a well-balanced flavor and texture experience. 

Brie pairs beautifully with sweet flavors that enhance its’ inherent creaminess. Enjoy brie with a milk chocolate cherry for a fresh take on dessert. 

Salami Etna

Wrap a slice of the Salami Etna around a slice of Morbier cheese. The mild, fruity nuance of the cheese pairs beautifully with the zesty, pistachio-studded Salami Etna. 

For a surprisingly delicious flavor combination, try a bite of candied orange peel with the Salami Etna. The unctuous, rich mouthfeel of the Salami Etna contrasts with the slightly chewy texture of the Candied Orange Peel. Try them together with the Morbier cheese for a bright bite. 


The hand-burnt surface of the Tomme Brulee creates a delicate smoky flavor that pairs wonderfully with the spicy Sopressata. The slight sweetness of this semi-soft cheese provides a nice contrast to the rich melange of spices in the cured Sopressata. 

The saltiness of the Sopressata is balanced by pairing it with the Caramelized Onion and Fig Spread. The underlining floral quality of the figs in the Spread make for a nice contrast to the spiced salami.

To elevate the Sopressata and Caramelized Onion and Fig Spread combination, add Brie for a taste that’s creamy, spicy, and sweet all in one bite. 

Drink Pairings

While drink pairings are ultimately a matter of personal preference, we invite you to consider our recommended pairings as a starting point for your tasting experience. Cheers!


A smooth, fruit forward Malbec is an ideal selection. We recommend an Argentinian Malbec for its likelihood to have notes of tree fruits, black fruits, and a balanced acidity that will enhance the fruity undertones of the Morbier.

Pinot Noir

A rich, dry Pinot Noir with notes of tree fruit, raspberry, and baking spices would pair perfectly with the buttery Tomme Brulee. Consider a Napa Valley Pinot Noir for the extra acidity to help contrast the fatty sheep’s milk.

Pinot Grigio

A semi-soft cheese like Morbier can be fully enjoyed with a light Italian Pinot Grigio. This light-bodied wine is an ideal choice for Spring. Notes of peach and citrus would contrast the buttery, rich cheeses in this selection.

Sparkling Wine

Bubbles help cleanse the palate, refreshing the taste buds and cutting through the richness of the cheese, resulting in an enjoyable and balanced pairing experience. Plus, it creates the true feel of a soirée!

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