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Taste of Italy Guide

Let your taste buds travel to a country renowned for its exquisite cheeses and charcuterie. Each item, whether sourced directly or inspired by Italy, has been thoughtfully chosen to offer a true culinary experience.

Getting started:

We work with small scale artisan producers to provide our members with an authentic tasting experience. Curated items may vary in each box.

Match the name of your curated items to featured items below to discover what makes it unique and explore recommended pairings.

Artisan Cheese

Cheese making is a time-honored tradition in Italy with techniques often passed down through generations. Indulge in the unique flavors of these lesser known Italian delicacies.

Your box will include 2 of these artisan cheeses.

Canestrato al Tartufo

Discover a traditional pecorino from Lazio with a unique twist. It's infused with subtle hints of black truffle that complements the cheeses sharp, buttery, and savory profile. Made with 100% sheep’s milk and aged for a minimum of 6 months, this firm cheese has a slightly granular texture.

The Canestrato al Tartufo is sourced from a cheesmaker who emphasizes traditional cheesemaking values while incorporating modern methods.

Drizzle of Wildflower Honey + Roasted Hazelnuts

Casatica di Bufala

The brothers behind this cheese established a sustainable farm in their hometown in Italy where they raise buffalo, and in 2006 they began to produce cheese. Made with 100% buffalo milk, this soft-ripened cheese is sweet and creamy with a slight tang.

Prosciutto + Castelvetrano Olives


Fontal is an Italian cheese from the Lombardy region. Fontal is a smooth, creamy cow's milk cheese. Fontal began as a version of the classic Fontina cheese, but ended up taking on a character of its own. Also known as Fontinella, it's buttery and rich, with nutty and sweet notes, and hints of tang.

Prosciutto + Castelvetrano Olives

Campo de Montalban

This is actually a Spanish cheese, but a fan favorite, made from cow, goat and sheep’s milk cheese. Before the creation of the DOP for Manchego, which restricted Manchego to being produced from 100% sheep’s milk, this cheese also was called Manchego. Campo de Montalban is unique in that you can taste the different flavors of the milk and the terroir. It's truly a world class cheese. Aged 100 days.

Prosciutto + Castelvetrano Olives


Savor the artistry of Italian charcuterie, where centuries-old techniques meet exceptional flavors. Our curated selection brings you an authentic taste of Italy's charcuterie mastery.

Your box will include 2 of these artisan meats.

Sweet Sopressata

Sweet Sopressata is a popular type of Italian cured sausage known for its mild and slightly sweet flavor. Despite its name, Sweet Sopressata is not sugary; rather, it earns its "sweet" designation by lacking the heat found in its spicy counterpart.

Artisan producers carefully select quality pork, blend the spices, and allow for a slow curing and aging process, contributing to the sausage's distinctive taste and texture.

Olinas Bakehouse Crackers

Prosciutto San Daniele

This Prosciutto San Daniele is crafted from carefully selected pork legs sourced from pigs raised in Europe. It is an all-natural product, minimally processed, and seasoned with only Mediterranean sea salt. The prosciutto is air-dried for months, allowing a slow curing process that imparts a unique depth of flavor and texture. It is aged for at least 400 days.

Taleggio Ca De Ambros® DOP or Casatica di Bufala + Castelvetrano Olives

Prosciutto Di Parma

This Prosciutto was crafted by an Italian family who has been making prosciutto since 1938. Their product is all-natural with no additives, preservatives, and minimal processing. Cured with only salt, this prosciutto is aged for 18 months, and boasts a sweet taste and smooth texture.

Taleggio Ca De Ambros® DOP or Casatica di Bufala + Castelvetrano Olives


From sweet to crunchy, these thoughtfully curated accompaniments are the perfect complement to the rich flavors of your Italian cheeses and cured meats.

Sundried Tomato & Ricotta Spread

Crafted by an award-winning husband-and-wife team in Abruzzo, Italy, this delicious spread harmonizes the bold essence of sun-dried tomatoes, sun-dried bell peppers, and Mediterranean spices with ricotta cheese.

Olina's Bakehouse Crackers or atop Crostini

Roasted Hazelnuts

Roasted hazelnuts, known for their rich, toasty aroma and slightly sweet taste, bring a perfect balance to the savory and salty elements of a charcuterie board. Hazelnuts are cultivated in several regions of Italy and a staple ingredient in many Italian dishes.

Drizzle of Wildflower Honey + Canestrato al Tartufo

Castelvetrano Olives

Castelvetrano olives are a type of green olive originating from the town of Castelvetrano in the Sicilian region of Italy. Castelvetrano olives are prized for their firm, meaty texture and mild, sweet taste. The flavor profile is enhanced by their natural brine.

Taleggio Ca De Ambros® DOP or Casatica di Bufala + Proscuitto

Wildflower Honey

Let the untamed sweetness of 100% pure wildflower honey elevate your tasting experience by adding a light drizzle over your Canestrato al Tartufo.

Canestrato al Tartufo + Roasted Hazelnuts

Drink Pairings

While drink pairings are ultimately a matter of personal preference, we invite you to consider our recommended pairings as a starting point for your tasting experience. Cheers!

Sparkling Wine

The bubbles in sparkling wines, like Prosecco, cleanse your palate which makes it a versatile companion. It will complement creamy textures while offering a delightful contrast to bolder flavors.

Belgian Ale

The intricate balance of these beers can enhance the tasting experience by taming strong flavors with the diverse profiles of different cheeses.

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