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SPECIAL: June Wine Pairing 4-Pack

Get 4 Bottles of Perfectly Paired Wines For Your Box, Just $69!

What makes a charcuterie board even better? Wines that are perfectly paired to accentuate and enhance the flavors of the incredible artisanal products we have for you. Our partners at Splash Wines have selected wines that will pair with your June box perfectly. You get 2 sensational bottles (1 red and 1 white) for just $39 + FREE Shipping.

The reds include a sensational Spanish Grenache whose bright red fruit and spicy notes enhance the flavors of the Spicy Toma Rashi and Chorizo el Rey, while its smooth finish pairs well with the creamy Brie Mon Pere and aged Beemster Gouda. In addition, we have a stunning California Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir's light tannins and bright acidity balance the richness of the capicola and creamy Brie Mon Pere, and its nuanced flavors complement the spicy Toma Rashi without overpowering it.

The whites include a sensational Spanish Verdejo whose crisp acidity and citrus notes refresh the palate between bites of rich meats like capicola and cheeses like Beemster Gouda, and its minerality enhances the flavors of the spicy Toma Rashi. In addition, we have a stunning California Chardonnay from Monterey. Its creamy texture and balanced acidity harmonize with the Creamy Brie Mon Pere and cut through the richness of the capicola, while its subtle oak notes complement the aged Beemster Gouda.

Your First AppyHour: From Spain

This Chorizo is made from an acorn-fed, free range Iberico pig. The pork is blended with smoked paprika, and garlic. It is cured for two months
in the mountains of La Alberca, Spain.

This robust and balanced hard cheese has refined peppery and herbal aromas. The rosemary rind adds flavor. Produced from cow, sheep, and goats milk in La Rioja, Spain and aged six months.

Made with milk from cows who live on the island of Menorca and aged for four months, this cheese has a creamy texture with plenty of moisture. Enjoy a mild & buttery flavor with a nutty finish.

Made in our kitchen, this nutty romesco is topped with pine nuts and parsley. Enjoy with the crackers provided or serve atop crostini.

Sweeter, moister, and softer than the classic almond variety with a buttery flavor and texture. It has a delicate aroma and taste.

Smaller and sweeter than its cousin from Turkey, the Pajarero Fig has a thin, delicate skin that allows the fig flavor to really shine through.

Light & flaky crackers made from extra virgin olive oil & sel gris from France

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